Sergei Sviatchenko x The Note Library

When notebooks meet art

We proudly present our unique collaboration with the Danish-Ukrainian artist, photographer and architect, Sergei Sviatchenko.
A visionary and internationally recognized artist, especially known for his unique collages, building on elements from historic avantgarde, surrealism and elements from the world of cinematography.

In this exclusive partnership, The Note Library combines the aesthetics and functionality of notebooks with the provocative and thought-provoking
expression of art.


The collages in The Note Library stem from the series ‘LESS,’ which launched in 2004 and created international attention in the world of art and galleries.
As the name suggests, the dogma is to include as few elements as possible with the purpose of enhancing the visual expression. No mor than two or a maximum of three elements are included in each collage, each fostering surreal, humorous, or grotesque results.

"Out of a construction I cut a deconstruction, which then becomes a reconstruction," says Sergei Sviatchenko about his collages.

Sviatchenko's breathtaking collages balance between the humorous and the minimalistic. Between the grotesque and thought-provoking.

His creative prowess shines through on the cover of each notebook and each print in this collection.

exquisite tactile qualities

The Note Library x Sergei Sviatchenko notebooks are more than just plain notebooks with blank pages. Each notebook is characterized by exquisite tactile qualities, and with aesthetics as a prima element. This makes the notebook a pleasure to hold and use.

"It takes three elements to make a perfect notebook  - paper, cover and the way it holds pages.
This is almost like my collages. Three images floating into the new reality, telling my story on the pages of the notebook.

To give a unique experience for your journey with The Note Library I apply selected images of collages from the series LESS on the cover of the notebooks to provide an aesthetic surprise,” says Sviatchenko.

Welcome to The Note Library x Sergei Sviatchenko!