The Note Library

We are great lovers of literature and of the written word. Of the scent of quality paper and the weight of an exquisite notebook in our hands.

Notebooks from The Note Library give the impression that time can be sustained, however briefly. That not everything in our world moves rapidly and is forgotten like a flash on the screen.

Writing in a quality notebook from The Note Library is an experience in itself. The sound of the pen touching the weighty paper. The sensation and heft of the notebook when holding it in your hands.

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Sustainable materials with a story

Our devotion to tactile experiences, the other senses and unmatched aesthetics have compelled us to careful select where and from what materials our quality notebooks are manufactured. While our Classic Series is wrapped in premium canvas, which itself provides a tactile experience, our Creative Series is distinguished by a surface that speaks its own language with its embossed, patterned dots. 

We have hand-picked each element and carefully selected who makes our notebooks for us. At The Note Library, quality and beauty go hand in hand with high ethical standards. The Note Library’s notebooks are produced in Denmark at a certified, Nordic Eco-labelled bookbindery. The paper, which originates in the vast forests in Sweden, is FSC-certified, meaning that a new tree is planted for every tree felled.

Ethics, for us, also concerns social sustainability. That is why The Note Library supports initiatives that fight illiteracy.

The story behind The Note Library

The Note Library was founded by Tina Graabech, who has long held a particular passion for the written word and for high-end notebooks.

“I simply love stacks of notebooks. I love collecting them and I’ve done so for years. Part of it is about holding on to our ability to write by hand. But it also speaks to my background as a librarian.”


“With everything digital today, you can hardly find handwritten diaries, correspondence and notebooks anymore. This amounts to a loss of cultural heritage. Writing by hand provides a different kind of immersion in the thought and words. Writing in a notebook is a private endeavour, and there’s an intimacy involved in it – you, sharing something withyour book. You leave a different kind of trace this way than you do on your computer.”

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